Coffee Crawl

SOLD OUT - 8th Annual Maplewood Coffee Crawl Saturday, April 1

coffee crawl

  • Ticket Holders General Tour Information and FAQs

•Tour date is Saturday, April 1st with a Morning Session from 8 AM to 12:30 PM and an Afternoon Session from 12:30 PM to 5 PM.  Please note, all ticket sales are final.

•This is a "rain or shine" event.

•This is a ticketed event, you must have purchased a ticket to participate. If you purchased tickets, the pick-up locations are provided below:

Morning Session Ticket Pick-up 

Afternoon Session Ticket Pick-up 

•This is a self-guided tour. We strongly encourage you to start earlier rather than later but you may go at your own pace.

•Please dress weather appropriate. If it rains, bring an umbrella and pretend you are in Seattle.

•Parking is free on-street and in the Bellevue parking lot at Bellevue and Manchester, the Marietta parking lot and at the Citizens National Bank parking lots in the 7200 and 7300 blocks of Manchester and along the west side of the bank building. Coffee Crawl Parking Map.  Please do not park in unmarked or private lots, we have no jurisdiction over those lots.

•We love dogs but pets are not permitted in food establishments and coffee is not good for dogs, please leave your pets at home.

•Please do not park in privately owned lots.

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Wake-up Call:  Morning Session - 8 AM to 12: 30 PM - Tour information:

The morning session includes these hosts and roasters: • Kakao Chocolate | Roaster: Stringbean Coffee Co. • Mystic Valley | Roaster: Chauvin Coffee • Larder and Cupboard | Roaster: Kuva Coffee • Vom Fass | Roaster: Killi Caffe • Reeds American Table | Roaster: Coma Coffee • Traveling Tea, Host and Roaster (Coffee Alternatives) • Strange Donuts | Roaster: Kaldi’s Coffee • Mauhaus Cat Café | Roaster: La Cosecha Coffee Roasters • All Out Nutrition & Wellness | Roaster: Organo.  Addresses and business information are provided on tickets.

Afternoon Buzz:  Afternoon Session - 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM - Tour information:

The afternoon session includes these hosts and roasters: • Schlafly Bottleworks | Roaster: Kaldi’s Roasting Co. • Foundation Grounds | Roaster: Blueprint Coffee • Boardwalk Waffles and Ice Cream | Roaster: Ronnoco Coffee Company • La Cosecha Coffee Roasters | Roaster and Host • Great Harvest Bread Co. | Roaster: La Cosecha Coffee Roasters • Stone Spiral | Roaster: Riley’s Coffee Co. • Pie Oh My! | Roaster: Park Avenue Coffee • Living Room | Roaster: Art House Coffee • Tim Hortons | Host and Roaster.  Addresses and business information are provided on tickets.

Photo Gallery from Past Events

Our 7th Annual Maplewod Coffee Crawl 
Photo Gallery by St. Louis Magazine

Photo Gallery by Blacktie Missouri