Sutton Loop Park Airbnb

Maplewood's Very Own Airbnb: An Evening Under the Stars in Sutton Loop Park

Just this year the City of Maplewood developed a model ordinance to permit Airbnb rentals that gained regional attention.One was recently approved and another is in process! Cat Cafes, Strange Donuts, Micro-breweries and now, Airbnb, yes, Maplewood is home to some very enterprising and entrepreneurial businesses. And that’s what made the lightbulb go off for the city staff.

What if the City of Maplewood offered its own Airbnb? It would be a fun and positive way to collect revenue and promote the city at the same time. After an exhaustive market study that included figuring out the fees and scouting out the right location, the staff found the perfect site: Sutton Loop Park.

The Sutton Loop Park Airbnb
offers Airbnb’ers looking to visit the St. Louis region a new option and a unique crossover experience that will appeal to both the urban dweller and the outdoors person. Here's what is being offered:

Sutton Loop Airbnb web_thumb.jpg

  • Just $24 a night will get you and a close friend/loved one a tent in our famed Sutton Loop Park. The evening includes tent set-up and a key to the Sutton Loop Park restrooms. Stargazing is free.
  • Need a shower? An upgrade of just $17 will get you a shower at Maplewood City Hall (just two blocks away).
  • Want coffee? An upgrade of just $12 will get you a pot of freshly brewed coffee with two cups delivered by one of our local roasters.
  • Want to be tucked in? An upgrade of $13 gets you one of our public works crew members to stop by with a chocolate mint and sing you a lullaby.
More upgrade packages are available but hurry, with all of the upcoming events like the Street Food Tour/Stringfest and Let Them Eat Art, the reservations are booking fast.
Photo credit: Michael Kilfoy

PS: April fool!

No, we aren't going to have our own Airbnb but we are proud to support a community of entrepreneurs who call Maplewood home.

We have great businesses and fun events so we hope you will plan a visit soon. Find us on Facebook OR twitter @enjoymaplewood for updates on our business community and fun events!