Street Closure Information

It's going to be a great week! The Let Them Eat Art - The 13th on the 13th! is this Friday!

Please take note of the street closures to make the event safe and secure for the guests and all of the activities:

Street Closure Notice

Please be advised that due to safety concerns there will be several street closures and “no parking” zones established during the festivities at Let Them Eat Art on Friday, July 13. We apologize for this brief inconvenience and hope with this advance notice you are able to plan around the closures. Of course, we hope you plan to attend the event and have an enjoyable evening!

Following is the list of closures on Friday, July 13, please note times for each area:


• 3 PM: Sutton will be closed between Manchester and Hazel. PLEASE NOTE: The parking lot at 2731 Sutton will be cleared by 3 PM and access will not be available after that time. There will be no parking in the lot or on Sutton during the event.


• 4 PM: The parking lane on the south side of the 7300 block of Manchester between Marshall and Sutton will be closed to parking and established as a “no parking” pedestrian zone during the event.


• 3 PM: Marietta will be closed to through traffic at the western end of the 7300 block with a blockade just west of the western driveway of the Marietta parking lot. No traffic will be able to access Sutton from Marshall. The Marietta lot will remain open with access to and from Marietta via Marshall. Marietta will remain open at the eastern end with two-way traffic at Marshall.

All lanes will return to normal traffic conditions by Midnight on Friday, July 13. Thank you for your patience and your assistance.

A full listing of Let Them Eat Art activities can be found at