Est. 1908 Maplewood Missouri Shop Dine Bowl
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Est. 1908 Maplewood Missouri Shop Dine Bowl

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Reusable Shopping Bags
Be the One Left Holding the Bag!
The City of Maplewood Special Business District is offering reusable, recyclable shopping bags for sale!  Only $1 per bag. 

You can buy the bags at Maplewood City Hall at 7601 Manchester Road, Maplewood, MO 63143.  Call (314) 645-3600 for any questions.

Each bag has the potential to save 1,000 plastic bags from a landfill!  Here is what the Riverfront Times said about us in the 2009 Best Of:

Best Greening Effort
Maplewood's Reusable Green Shopping Bags

Maplewood's civil servants seem to understand that small, simple acts just might change a big, warming planet. Just as summer got under way, St. Louis' neighboring little suburb to the southwest announced it was offering recyclable bags to shoppers at Maplewood businesses. The cost? Just a buck (the dark-green bags were also given away free at certain events). The city of 9,200 hopes its effort will eliminate 25,000 plastic bags from circulation this year alone. Yeah, 25,000's a pittance, and it's not going to turn the trees happy and the air clean and the gas prices lower in one fell swoop. But surely there'll be a lot fewer plastic bags drifting around on sidewalks and floating between tree branches. That's a green picture everyone can buy into.

See the listing on the RFT's Website!

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