Est. 1908 Maplewood Missouri Shop Dine Bowl
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Est. 1908 Maplewood Missouri Shop Dine Bowl

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Remember This
  • Exit your home as quickly as possible through the closest exit
  • Drill with your family what to do in case of a fire
  • In your home is where most fires occur
  • The home is where most of your time is spent
  • Home is your residence, whether it's an apartment or house

Safety Tips
  • Every family in the U.S. should practice exiting their home as quickly as possible through the nearest exit
  • Parents should explain to their children that exiting their home as quickly as possible and not returning into the home is most important
  • Develop a plan with a meeting point outside the home and drill this plan with your family
  • Know that most fires occur within the home, and your home is where you spend the majority of your time. This is an important reason for practicing your plan!
  • If your home has unusual problems, finding them before a fire occurs could prevent a tragedy

For additional information please contact the Maplewood Fire Department at 646-3666.

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