Storm Damage Policy



If there is a citywide severe storm that has caused damage to households throughout the City of Maplewood, city staff may make a determination that storm damage should be picked up by the city. Please note: Damage must be severe and citywide.

Call City Hall at 645-3600 to see if the storm damage policy is in effect. If the determination has been made to enact the storm damage policy, the Public Works Department will pick up limbs that can be moved by one person from the yard to the tree lawn (the lawn between the sidewalk and the curb). Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • This pick up is intended for isolated fallen limbs and not fallen trees; disposal of entire trees is not permitted.

  • Limbs should not be more than 8’ in length and should not be more than 4” in diameter. Anything longer or larger than specified will NOT be picked up.

  • Yard waste will not be collected.

  • Limbs should be placed in the tree lawn or front yard; please do not block the sidewalk or street.

  • Residents have seven (7) days after the storm to place limbs at the tree lawn.

  • Public Works will make one pick up per household. Thereafter, disposal of limbs and brush must be done through Republic (using yard waste tags/bags) on trash pickup days, or the resident may hire a tree-trimming contractor to handle the disposal.

Please call the Public Works Department at 645-3600 with any questions

(updated 7/2016)