Snow Removal

Residential Informaiton

The Maplewood Public Works Department wants to remind you of ways you can help us do a better job of clearing streets:
  • If possible, do not park your vehicle in the street. This will allow us to plow and spread salt closer to the curb. Also, snow will not be plowed against your vehicle. Digging out your car is no fun.
  • Wait until plows have finished clearing the street before clearing your driveway. If you must leave during a snow storm, clear five feet of curb before your driveway. This reduces the possibility of the plow driver leaving snow in your driveway.
  • Stay back at least 50 feet from plow trucks. You will avoid damage from salt from the spreader hitting your vehicle.
  • Do not shovel snow onto a fire hydrant. You never know when that hydrant will be used to put out a fire.
Please note: The Public Works Department does not widen the driving lanes and does not clear driveways after the snowstorm has ended. The reason for this is that further plowing inevitably pushes snow and ice into a parking space or driveway that someone has worked hard to clear

Business Information

Below are a couple of reminders for businesses:
  • Be sure that your plowing contractor does not plow snow into the street or block public sidewalks. If caught, you will be asked to correct the problem.
  • For the safety of your customers and customers of other businesses, be sure to clear your sidewalks as soon as possible.
For additional information on snow removal please contact the Public Works Department at 645-3600.