Special Business District

Historic Downtown Maplewood...and more!

Maplewood's Special Business District includes Maplewood's Historic Downtown and a very vibrant part of South Big Bend, Sutton and Manchester. The heart of the district is a walkable community with just about everything within a few footsteps. You will find unique boutiques to destination dining and bowling to live Rock n' Roll or skee ball... we have it all! If you are looking to be part of our business community, please take a look at our real estate listings page.

Beautification and Branding

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Setting the Stage

Signage, trash cans, street lights. Standards of the urban streetscape but key components of how inviting an area is to visitors.

During the last few years the Special Business District has funded street lighting, trash cans and new signage to better identify parking and shopping areas.

Banners enhance the downtown area and recently, the area was further enhanced with designs by Firecracker Press for the formerly drab electrical boxes found throughout the district.

Historic Presence

History plays a role, too and visitors are invited to take a walk down memory lane and visit the Route 66 tribute and memorial plaques.


Events are also an important part of what the Special Business District does. Let Them Eat Art, Small Business Saturday, The Sweet Tooth Tour, The Coffee Crawl and Stringfest bring thousands of people to the area.

Special Business District Boundaries and Benefits

The Special Business District boundaries are roughly as follows: From the east to west, the City of St. Louis and Maplewood border on Manchester ending at the Metrolink overpass on Manchester; also includes Sutton from Lohmeyer at the north and to Flora at the south; and Big Bend from Weaver at the north to Flora at the south.

Businesses within the Special Business District may qualify for facade improvement grants and building renovation grants.  If you are considering a project, it is recommended that businesses consult with Laura Miller, Director of Community Development at (314) 646-3607 as benefits are added or adjusted on an annual basis.

Bike Racks

The Special Business District now has bike racks. Thanks to a Community Development Block Grant there are three brand-new bike racks in Downtown Maplewood.

More bike racks have been added throughout our downtown thanks to a very generous grant from Trailnet.