Baby It's Cold Outside

A Trip through Winters Past

Today we take you across the frozen tundra of time and offer a glimpse of Winter Past.


Woodside looking NE_thumb.jpg
Since the 1840's this home has weathered many a storm. Here it is looking northeast.

*Woodside, Part 2

Woodside looking NW_thumb.jpg
Now that looks cold!

*3414-3438 Greenwood

3414-3438 Greeenwood_thumb.jpg
Ah, winter! Can you imagine the cozy inside of this home, sitting by the fire and listening to the sound of a passing train chugging through the snow?

*Dr. Tremaine House, 2900 Big Bend

Dr. Tremaine home west side of 2900 Big Bend, 1926-7_thumb.jpg
On a day like this, you hope he makes house calls.

*Maybe Later on We'll Build a Snowman

Talk about winter wonderland! That was some snowfall back in the day.

*Maybe Later on We'll Build an Igloo

igloo building_thumb.jpg
This one is from the 21st century. A few years ago some young folk got the idea to do some snow building.

*Here is the Snowman

As it turns out, the plan was to build a snowman and what a snowman!