Scheidt Hardware

Scheidt True Value Hardware, 7320 Manchester

Emil Scheidt and his bride, Rosa (nee Wohlwend) whose father bankrolled their first hardware store, opened Wohlwend Hardware at 7277 Manchester in 1905. They moved to the current location at 7320 Manchester (originally, Maplewood Theatre, c.1910) in 1916 and the store remains family-owned. Today the third generation of Scheidt is running the store, now called Scheidt True Value Hardware, and if you look closely you can see the marks on the walls where the floor was leveled to convert the theatre into a hardware store.
The shop is neat and tidy and it is just the place you will go yourself when that thing breaks and you aren’t sure what it is called so you have to take it in and show it to the guy who right away says, “oh that thing…here you go!”

Rosa and Emil L. Scheidt in front of the original Wohlwend Hardware at 7277 Manchester (c. 1910's)

1 Rosa Wohlwend Scheidt w_thumb.jpg

Rosa Wohlwend (date unknown)

2 E.L.Scheidt w_thumb.jpg

Emil L. Scheidt (date unknown)

true value_thumb.jpg Scheidt True Value Hardware (circa 2006) at left
and Route 66 Plaque prototype below.