Saratoga Lanes

The Saratoga Billiards & Bowling Alley at 2725 Sutton Boulevard (just south of Manchester) is the oldest of its kind west of the Mississippi and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

An “upstair-zer”, the 8- lane bowling alley has provided fun for generations of bowlers, pool players, travelers and socialites making it a treasured landmark.

Read the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for Saratoga Lanes

Saratoga grand opening_thumb.jpg

Adverstisement announcing the grand opening!


Today, The Saratoga, as we call it, is best known for its vintage interior.


Maplewood Mill approx1926_thumb.jpg

The Saratoga (circa 1926) as seen from the roof of the Maplewood Mill building.
The Saratoga appears in the top left of the above photograph.

Kroger, Saratoga in background_thumb.jpg

The Saratoga (circa 1930's) in the background. There was a Kroger grocery store south of the Saratoga back then!