Civil Service Commission


The commission shall, whenever necessary, hold examinations for the purpose of determining qualifications of the applicants for positions; which examinations shall be practicable and shall fairly test fitness of persons to discharge the duties of the position to which they seek appointment.

The commission shall, upon the request of the city council or upon its own initiative, inquire into the administration of the personnel system and, on the basis of the inquiry, make recommendations regarding the system.

The commission shall hear written appeals to the personnel rules. After hearing such appeal, certify findings and recommendations regarding the appeal to the city council, city manager, and the employee or supervisor who filed the appeal.

Chapter 38, Article I, Sec. 38-10


The Civil Service Commission meets only when needed. 

Civil Service Commission Members
Comprised of five (5) members who serve for a 4-year term and all of whom must be residents of the City of Maplewood.

Bob Harsh
Term expires: June 2023

Chris Hornsey
Term expires: June 2023

Patrick Jugo
Term expires: June 2023

Dan Noonan
Term expires: June 2022

Kevin Sullivan
Term expires: June 2022