Fire Department


The Maplewood Fire Department has developed into a progressive and modern Fire Department.

The Maplewood Fire Department has 21 full-time members consisting of the Fire Chief, three crews of six Firefighters each, one Firefighter that floats among the three crews, and a Fire Marshal that also serves as the city's Building Official.

All members of the Fire Department are either Firefighter / EMTs or Firefighter / Paramedics. One member is a Fire Marshal and Building Inspector.

The Fire Department fulfills its major service responsibilities through four operations:
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire Prevention
  • Education
  • Investigation


To provide excellent services to our community in life and fire safety through emergency response, collaboration, education, innovation, commitment, and compassion.  

Fire Department Vision Statement 

Setting the standards of excellence; guided by principles of trust, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and respect for all.