Finance Department


The Finance Department is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Assists the office of the City Manager in preparation of the annual budget: 
  2. Monitors revenues and expenses during the year:
  3. Coordinates the annual report and audits:
  4. Processes payroll:
  5. Accounting for and reporting of all funds:
  6. Assist with human resource management:
  7. Advises City Departments on cash management and risk management issues:
  8. Manages debt, including policy development, issuance, and servicing:
  9. Invests and manages the City's surplus cash and funds held in trust:
  10. Assures integrity and compliance with accounting policy and procedures: and
  11. Assures adherence to risk management policies and procedures.

The City employs the services of an independent auditing firm to perform an annual audit of the city finances and financial reporting systems.

GF Revenues and Expenses Last 10 Years