New Councilmember Sarah Crosley



                                                          MEET THE NEWLY ELECTED
                                                            WARD 2 COUNCILMEMBER,
                                                                             SARAH CROSLEY.

Why did you run for office?

I ran for office because I think that this position is a great way to serve my neighbors. I’m passionate about authentic, regular community engagement, and looking forward to using this position to engage my neighbors on the concerns and dreams they have for our City. I believe that many of the issues and problems we care about likely have a local solution. Since moving to St. Louis, I’ve had the opportunity to understand up close how our layers of government interact, and how much good local elected officials can bring to their communities. I hope to use my time on the City Council coordinating with the other members of the Council and listening to my neighbors. 

Please tell us about your professional background and current employment.

I came to St. Louis to pursue a Masters degree in Classics at Washington University and graduated in May of 2018. After working on a local campaign and statewide ballot initiatives, I began working for St. Louis County government in January 2019. I currently work for the Department of Public Health as a Public Health Coordinator. My professional background largely includes policy research, communications, project management, and community engagement. 

Tell us how long you have lived in Maplewood and about your family.

I’ve lived in Maplewood for nearly two years now, and purposefully sought out this City. Currently, my family includes my partner, Ben, and our two cats, Fischer, who was adopted from the County’s animal shelter, and Missy, who was adopted from Maplewood’s own Mauhaus.

What do you like most about Maplewood?

One of my favorite things about Maplewood is that every corner of our City is unique, and this gives Maplewood a strong sense of character. You can walk through Maplewood and find something new every time. I love having so many great local restaurants and shops just walking distance away, and I am always excited to try a new restaurant that has popped up in our neighborhood. This is a city of people who care deeply for their neighbors, community, and region.