Civilian Ride-Along Program

The goal of the Maplewood Police Department is to continually improve the relationship and communications between our agency and the community we serve. In pursuit of this goal, the MPD offers a Civilian Ride-Along Program to provide opportunities for citizens of our community and visitors to observe policing firsthand and, through personal interaction, become better acquainted with the duties and responsibilities of our agency and personnel. 


  • Must be 18 years of age or older. (Applicant under 21 years of age must obtain written authorization from a parent/guardian).
  • Sign the Release Form.
  • Dress in business-like attire.
  • Be willing to follow all lawful orders and/or instructions given by the officer with whom you are assigned.
  • May only participate in a ride-along once quarterly.
  • May ride with the same officer two times within a six-month period.

The Chief of Police has discretion to approve participation in the Civilian Ride-Along Program for anyone not meeting all of the above criteria.

Those interested in a ride-along should contact Lt. Matt Nighbor to obtain a  Release Form or click here to download the form. Completed forms must be given to Lt. Nighbor so that a background check can be conducted. 

Lt. Matt Nighbor