Ordinance Review Committees


Committees will review the Municipal Code of Ordinances language and make recommendations for changes pertaining to inclusivity.


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  • City Hall (unless otherwise noted)
  • Meetings are being held via Zoom. Zoom links can be found in the meeting listing on the City's calendar

Agendas & Minutes 
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. 
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Ordinance Review Committee Members

Chapter 30-Human Relations
Chair:  Sarah Crosley
Councilmembers:  Shawn Faulkingham

Megan Hagerty Homa
Charlie Hinderliter
Gina LaRose

Chapter 34-Offenses
Chair:  Jenny Schmidt
Councilmembers:  Sarah Crosley

Kevin Sullivan
Sheila Suderwalla
Stefan Denson

Chapter 36-Parks & Recreation
Chair:  Karen Wood
Councilmembers:  Jenny Schmidt

Patty DeForrest  
Laine Schenkelberg
Heather Benz

The Parks & Recreation Committee's working document can be accessed at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kgu1HtGqpkFjRE4x2DEqyOtx2HLk8Lkn/edit?invite=CKv8qoAJ

Chapter 56-Zoning
Chair:  Sandi Phillips
Councilmembers:  Shawn Faulkingham

Amber Withycombe
Kristen Spencer
Angela Smith 

Chapter 12-Building & Building Regulations
Chair:  Nikylan Knapper
Councilmembers:  Sandi Phillips

Matt Coriell
Jim Breihan
Donna Ratkowski