Did You Know?

Important Information For You

  • City of Maplewood Code regulates the number of dogs and cats allowed at any household or
    place of business. No more than two dogs or two cats, or one dog and one cat over the age of three months are permitted.
  • All dogs and cats that are over six months of age must have a license. A license must be
    renewed annually prior to January 1. Proof of rabies inoculation is required. The cost of the license is $5.
  • The City Code prohibits dogs and cats running at large, owners allowing dogs to bark for
    extended periods of time, owners failing to remove dog wastes, and owners failing to properly
    secure vicious dogs and animal mistreatment. To report such situations, contact the Maplewood Police Department at 645-3000.
  • Center turn lanes on Big Bend Blvd. and Hanley Road in Maplewood can only be used to
    make an immediate left turn from the center lane. You may not drive down this lane to the nearest intersection or driveway to make your turn.
  • Vehicles with expired license plates, no license plates, plates on the wrong vehicle, or vehicles
    not operable are considered derelict vehicles under Maplewood City ordinance and will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Vehicles can not be parked on the street for longer than seven days without being moved.